A Guidebook to Confidence

Tips and strategies to project your best self and earn the respect you deserve.


In her book “The Well-Spoken Woman: Your Guide to Looking and Sounding Your Best” speech coach Chris Jahnke shares behind-the-scenes tips to help you project with confidence. Chris has 20 years of experience guiding women from all walks of life to success before audiences large and small. Learn strategies for the board room and the PTA meeting, TV studios and convention halls, YouTube and panel discussions, conferences and classrooms.

The Techniques of Successful Women: How Did She Do It? What Can I Learn From Her?

  • Present your best self like PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi
  • Project podium presence like Hillary Clinton
  • Overcome the imposter syndrome like Tina Fey
  • Advocate for a cause like Melinda Gates
  • Conquer the camera like Suzy Orman
  • Tell stories like Maya Angelou
  • Use humor like Ann Richards

The book showcases American women who use their voices to create change, ignite imaginations, coach teams to victory, and advocate for justice. Let this be the guide that helps you stop second-guessing yourself or falling short with your speaking abilities.

Filled with wisdom and practical pointers you will be able to express your ideas with confidence and earn the respect of any audience.

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Well-Spoken Classics

Well-Spoken Classics

Learn more about the amazing women featured in The Well-Spoken Woman. Each chapter highlights a woman who has mastered a skill. See some of these speakers in action. Analyzing their signature styles will help you articulate your ideas and carry yourself like a leader.

  • Chapter One: Ann Richards – The Power Persona
    Governor Ann Richards had it all – Texas-sized hair, a quick wit, and deep conviction. She was a bigger than life personality who embodied the Well-Spoken Woman’s Power Persona. The Power Persona is the foundation on which you can build your own distinctive style.
  • Chapter Two: Indra Nooyi – Take Charge Confidence
    PepsiCo’s Indra Nooyi didn’t reach the top echelons of corporate America by second guessing decisions and keeping mum about accomplishments. Nooyi is a remarkably, candid CEO who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. One of Forbes 100 most powerful women, Nooyi shows it is possible to assert your authentic self in any setting.
  • Chapter Three: Barbara Jordan – Voice of Authority
    Do you speak with the power of Minnie Mouse? Projecting well doesn’t require the resonance of cable TV host Rachel Maddow or the range of Mariah Carey. But, to be a contender you must sound like you know what you are talking about. Barbara Jordan’s commanding voice was unparalleled. This chapter has easy practice exercises that will help you articulate your ideas with eloquence and power.
  • Chapter Four: Pat Summitt – All the Right Moves
    If you’ve been getting feedback that your delivery style needs work, maybe, just maybe there is something to the critique. The world’s most successful basketball coach knows how to move with dexterity and strength. University of Tennessee coach Pat Summitt shares the secrets to developing the body language of a champion.
  • Chapter Five: Melinda Gates – Strategic Messaging
    When it comes to the topic of global health Melinda Gates takes the subject of strategic messaging very seriously. At the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation a vague sense of a vision isn’t sufficient when lives are on the line. Gates delivers purposeful messages to inspire audiences and elicit a response.
  • Chapter Six: Elizabeth Dole – Preplanned Spontaneity
    tumblr_lqtczl0seo1qk2049Stop putting yourself in the position of frantically jotting notes in the cab or pulling out last year’s presentation the night before. Former American Red Cross executive and U.S. Senator, Elizabeth Dole is always prime time ready. “Preplanned Spontaneity” is an approach that will help you prepare for when things go right and when they go wrong.
  • Chapter Seven: Maya Angelou – Words Matter
    tumblr_lqtdavKvRY1qk2049Speechwriting is not something that’s necessary only forceremonial occasions or formal events. Whether you are delivering a keynote address, making a toast, or giving a briefing, it is essential to organize your thoughts on paper. If you don’t write it first you won’t be able to say it nearly as well. Maya Angelou’s powerful pen can turn a humdrum presentation into one that will leave a lasting impression.
  • Chapter Eight: Suze Orman – On-Camera Savvy
    tumblr_lqtdi2F6cS1qk2049With her signature look and no nonsense advice, the people’s financial advisor isn’t your typical cable TV host. Suze Orman is an accessible personality who projects her best self on camera and off. This chapter demystifies the camera with specific tips on how to sit, where to look, and what to wear. The SHAPE UP TV techniques put you in the driver’s seat so you can present a polished, professional on-screen image.
  • Chapter Nine: Madeleine Albright – Charming Troublemakers
    You can be ready for troublemakers who may attempt to sabotage your presentation or news reporters with biased questions. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright provides a how-to on handling indifferent, skeptical, or even hostile audiences. Learn how Albright went toe-to-toe with foreign leaders charming them with her wit and firm resolve.
  • Chapter Ten: Hillary Clinton - Podium Presence
    Hillary Clinton has become a leader with international podium presence. The great ones don’t get there alone. Behind every strong woman there is a ready and able support team. The final chapter offers insights on what each of us can do for our sisters, daughters, mothers, colleagues, and friends so they can be well-spoken, too.
    Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State and Fmr. United States Senator
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