Pockets are a Girl’s Best Friend

Next time you’re shopping, be on the look out for a blazer with pockets.  Pockets can be lifesavers when you are standing at the front of the room.  No, I don’t mean you should cram your hands into them.  Rather, they can help ensure you’ll be ready when it’s your turn to talk.

Pockets can hold helpful tools.  Note cards in the 3×5 size will fit.  You can easily pull them out should you need a prompt.  Having a tissue handy is a must if you are suffering from a cold.  And, a throat lozenge will ease a scratchy throat or cotton mouth.  If you use a remote, you won’t have to hold it the entire time you’re talking.

As far as hands in the pockets – one hand is poised but two hands is a no-no.  It will look sloppy and if you’re nervous you will likely clench your into fists.

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