Public Speaking Resolutions For a Well-Spoken Year!

1. Ring in 2015 with a toast. It’s good practice.

2. Create your elevator speech. In 2 minutes, what do you care about & why does it matter?

3. Quote the greats: “The American dream is not dead. It is gasping for breath but it is not dead.” Barbara Jordan

4. Warm up beforehand. Slowly roll your shoulders back to release tension.

5. Use purposeful pauses. A moment of silence gives the listeners a chance to absorb the meaning.

6. Avoid repeating useless words: “Like, so, anyway, actually, and absolutely.”

7. Heed Ann Richards: “I spent hours of time rehearsing… It had to sound casual, conversational, but that took work.”

8. Don’t sweat the small stuff like a mispronounced word. It is possible to make a mistake and still do well.

9. Project your best self. As Lena Dunham says: “Enjoy going through life as yourself.”

10. Give yourself a high five when you deliver a winning performance.

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